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We calculate the Sales of your competitors!

If a website shows 5 in stock and two hours later only 4 we can conclude they sold one $cld in two hours. If they then show Available we can assume the selling rate did not change. If they are Out of Stock we have the guarantee they sold nothing.

Since we visit each page 5 times a day and that our algorithms are more advanced than this example, we are able to provide you with a pretty accurate number of Sales/Week for each competitor you follow for a product, a graphic history of these sales and even their income since we know their price.

Sometimes the source code of a page contains the exact inventory while the visual only shows In Stock. Our programs also extract this information and our estimation is then extremely accurate.

Snore 'n' Sell

Set your repricing rules to automate your price based on your competitors


Track Your Competitors with Amazing Tools!

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5 Times a Day

We visit your competitors websites 5 times a day, mostly concentrated during office hours (time zone based on the business location of each website)


We take full resolution screenshots of all pages so you can see in one click how each page looked like when we visited it. We point an arrow at the price so you can quickly locate it. Just click the camera icon from our email alerts or in your account - Open a random example


Adjust your price automatically as you snore based on your competitors and your cost. Set your own rules, e.g. Always stay 1% below the cheapest competitor currently in stock while maintaining a 10% minimum margin and ending the price with a psychological 9 (charm pricing).

API & Direct Integration (+30% monthly fee)

Automate your price by connecting your website to your repricing rules! If your store runs on Shopify, WooCommerce or Magento we provide direct integration so you can connect it in 2 minutes. If you don't you can always use one of our two other APIs: one allows you to get the data from our servers (pull) while the other makes our servers send the data to yours (push).

Search on your competitors websites automatically ($0.05/product per website)

PriceZag® Auto-Search visits the website of your competitor, finds the search form, makes queries intelligently and matches the results with your products. Don't spend weeks searching for these URLs! Get all results in a spreadsheet or import them directly to your account - Documentation

Advanced Statistics & History

We generate real-time statistics and graphs of history per product, group of products, and per competitor. Graphs include min / max / average price comparing to yours, inventories and even sales of competitors!

Follow their Sales and Income!

When websites share their inventory (e.g. "5 left in stock") we measure how long it takes to drop to lower stocks, such as 5 to 4. Our algorithms then calculate the number of Sales per week for each product and competitor. Since we visit each page 5 times a day our estimations are very accurate, and because we know the price of the products we also calculate the income of your competitors and provide a graphic history of everything. Sometimes websites share their exact inventory in the source code while the page only shows "In Stock". Our programs are able to extract this information as well.

Text & Email Alerts

Configure what triggers an alert to your email or phone (all included), such as a price change, a competitor running out of stock on a product or selling more than N items in 24 hours. You can assign products to each phone or email so Sheryl receives alerts for the shoes and Barbara for the bags - See Email example - See restrictions

Excel / CSV Import & Export

You can import your own spreadsheet to our platform to create or update a lot of products at once. You can also export our data for office use to a customizable format in any currency. Prices are color-coded in XLS for easy view.

Pain-Free, Track your own Website! (counts as a URL)

Instead of constantly updating your prices in our platform you can let us visit your website the way we visit any other except that you tell us it is yours so we base our statistics and alerts on these prices instead of your spreadsheet or amounts you entered.


We detect the currency of the websites and get real-time updates from financial institutions so we automatically convert foreign currencies to yours. You don't have to do anything, just add a product in USD and if a competitor is in CAD and another in EUR you will see them both in USD. We support 170 currencies.

Custom Patterns Monitoring

We can alert you when a page starts or stops containing specific expressions. Set your own patterns for each product or competitor, and tell us if it has to be close to the price or somewhere specific in the page. Clearance, Free Shipping, Refurbished, your company name, you will find a creative use for it!

You are not a store?

As a manufacturer you can use our software to watch retailers and enforce your MAP policy. As a consumer you can also use our platform to watch the price of the products you intend to purchase. Just add your future purchase as a new product and enter as competitors the URLs of all stores having this product. We can alert you when one of the stores drops below a certain price.

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The API (optional) is charged 30% on the top of the monthly fee.
How to calculate my URLs?Cancellations, Upgrades, etc.
We offer 20% discount on prepaid 1 year contracts.
Please contact us for plans larger than 50,000 URLs.

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Stores who use PriceZag® Repricing report a 26% increase in sales!

Why PriceZag?

• Our Auto-Search tool finds your products on your competitors websites automatically. Other platforms that provide a search system either use Google Shopping and are therefore limited to their inventory or hire people overseas to search at a higher cost and without the freedom and control our software provides.

• With a screenshot history of all competitors pages we could not hide our mistakes. Other platforms may tell you the price reported truly was the price of the page but no one can prove it. With us it takes one click on the camera icon to verify.

Extremely reliable data — Getting the correct price and stock from the pages should be your main criteria when choosing a platform as many will report incorrect data on a regular basis. Picking the correct price may seem easy to a human being but it is a major challenge for a program as most pages contain dozens of prices, of shipping, related products or discounts. For years, most of our development resources have been allocated to data accuracy. Being located in a tech area next to a Google campus we always had the best engineers work specifically on this.

We calculate the sales of your competitors.

• Excellent pricing for 5 visits per day.

• We speak a proper English and if we ever charge your card incorrectly you can do something about it...

Saved! We will $66v you, now get busy there's some work to do!
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