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How do we charge you?


PriceZag is a month-to-month service with no contract. The plan is paid in advance for each month and auto-renewed.

BILLING DAYWhen you sign up on the 17th of a month you will be charged the monthly fee the 17th of each month.
If you Sign Up on December 31st you will be charged on January 31st, February 28th, etc, and June 30th. If you Sign Up on November 30th, you will be charged on December 30th, January 30th, February 28th, etc.

APIOur API is charged 30% on the top of the monthly fee. So a 5,000 URLs plan with API is $179 + 30% = $232.70/mo. Without enabling the API you can still access it for setup purposes but it is limited to the first 10 products in alphabetical order of their Ref Code. If you enable the API in the middle of a billing period only the prorated amount is charged, with a minimum of $3. You can disable the API at any time in the membership section and this will take effect at the next billing day so the next charge will no longer include the 30% API fee.

CANCELLATIONSWhen you cancel your membership the next payment will not be made and the service will stop on your billing day. If your billing day is the 17th and you cancel on the 19th, the service will remain until the 17th of the next month.

CHARGE FAILURESIf we cannot charge your card we interrupt the service about 48 hours later and the monitoring of the websites will stop, resulting in an interruption of data in the graphs and statistics. We retry the card for a little over a week before giving up. As soon as the payment is successful the service is enabled again and the billing day does not change. If you update your card after we gave up the billing day will become the day of this new payment as if you were signing up, except that you preserve all data history. In this case, if we raised our prices for your plan the new price will apply.

UPGRADESWhen you upgrade your membership you purchase the new plan but we deduct from its price the prorated amount corresponding to the remaining period you already paid. The billing day then becomes the current date. So if you usually pay $50 every 1st of the month and upgrade to a $100 plan on the 15th, you pay $75 on the 15th, then $100 every 15th.

DOWNGRADESBefore downgrading you must delete enough URLs for them to fit in the new plan. Once the total number of URLs of your account fits you can simply select the new plan in the Membership section of your account. Downgrades take effect at the next billing day, which will remain the same day. Until the next billing day the current plan remains. If you select a downgrade and then add URLs so that the new smaller plan can no longer contain all your URLs the downgrade is cancelled and the current plan will be renewed for another month.

PREPAYYou can load any amount to your account balance. In this case every charge we make will first use this balance, then charge your card if needed. Prepaying allows you to prevent any interruption in the service because we don't have to try your card if enough funds are available on your balance.
The prepaid funds are refundable but we will charge you all fees our bank charged us for the payment(s) and the refund/credit. Please open a new ticket for this.
NOTE: the prepaid balance is only for the monthly membership, Auto-Search will NOT use it.

INVOICESAll invoices are available at any time in PDF format in the Invoices section of your account.

PRICE INCREASEWe may raise our prices from time to time. In this case only new memberships will be charged the new price. Old and active memberships will either keep benefiting from their old price or see a price increase somewhere between their old price and the current price. In this case you will receive a notice over 30 days in advance (usually months).
If an account is cancelled or expires following a payment failure the new price will apply when enabling the account again.

1 YEAR CONTRACTWe offer 20% discount if you sign up for a year. Please open a sales ticket in your account for this so we can send you the contract and add a custom upgrade form to your account. Once the 1 year payment is made the service cannot be cancelled nor refunded.

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